Margareta's music can be described as colorful, humorous, deep and it strives to create absurd sound-images. She is interested to explore the connection between the sensual and the abstract, to translate the emotional into experimental and vice versa. Her work very often starts with a personal attitude towards a subject and then develops into a sound narration which tends to unrestrictedly play with various musical elements and very often expresses critics through (self)irony. Her approach involves a sarcastic treatment of traditional musical aesthetics, constantly implanting vivid rhythmical impulses, transforming theatrical gestures into timbre and exploring the intensity of extended instrumental techniques. 

The inspiration for her scores comes from literature, art, movies, satire, science, politics, philosophy, remarkable individuals or bizarre life situations.

Margareta enjoys visiting exhibition openings, theatre productions and wine tastings, dancing to Balkan music, exploring the world on road trips, laughing to good satire and eating sushi. She is married to a chef ( and her sister Katarina Ferek-Petrić is a painter (