Margareta's music is colorful, humorous, deep and strives to create absurd sound-images. She achieves this characterization through ironic treatment of traditional musical aesthetics, audial fragmentation of other art forms, implanting vivid rhythmical impulses, transforming theatrical gestures into timbre and  exploring the intensity of extended instrumental techniques. The inspiration for her scores comes from literature, art, movies, science, politics, philosophy, remarkable individuals or bizarre life situations.


1982, Zagreb, Croatia


lives & works

Vienna, Austria/Zagreb, Croatia


composition teachers

(University of Music and performing Arts in Vienna)

Ivan Eröd/Klaus Peter Sattler/Chaya Czernowin


awards/grants, scholarships

- Grant by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (2022)

- Publicity award from SKE Fonds, Austria (2021)

- State Scholarship for Composers from the Office of the Austrian federal Chancellor (2020)

- Prix Annelie De Man composition competition 2nd Prize and audience prize for "Ištaratu" (2018)

- Boris Papandopulo award for "All the world´s a stage"  from the Croatian Composers´ Society (2018)

- Josip Štolcer Slavenski award for "All the world´s a stage"  from the city of Čakovec (2018)

- Förderungspreis der Stadt Wien - advancement award from the city of Vienna (2017)

- State Scholarship for Composers from the Office of the Austrian federal Chancellor (2016)

- Composers´ Start Scholarship from the Austrian Ministry of Culture (2012)

- Theodor Körner Award for an orchestral composition  „Take 7“ (2011)

- Thyll-Dürr Foundation (2009/10)

- Home Suisse Foundation (2006-09)

- Czibulka Foundation (2008)

- Viktor Bunzl Foundation (2007/08)

- Vienna Music University Scholarship (2005/06)




SKE Fonds:

Prix Annelie de Man:

Papandopulo Prize: 

Slavenski Award:


Theodor Körner Preis:




-  artistic residency Visby international center for composers Sweden (2022)

-  International visitors programme - NRW Kultur International (2022)

-  International delegate - British Council / PRS foundation (2022)

-  working as a part of music advisory board Goethe Institut (from November 2021)

-  artistic director Music Biennale Zagreb (2021/2023)

- "Ištaratu" is selected for ISCM World new music days in Tallin (2019)

Finalist Flute New Music Consortium Composition Competition with "Beastie Poetry(2018)

-  Artist in Residence Carinthischer Sommer Festival (2018)

-  Portrait concert of her works in Innsbruck / invited by Tiroler Ensemble für Neue Musik (2018)

-  Representing Croatia on "63rd International Rostrum Of Composers" (2016)

-  working as a part of the managing committee of ÖGZM - Austrian Society for Contemporary Music (since 2015)

-  Working stay in Casa Zia Lina on Elba / invited by Thyll-Dürr Foundation (2010)

-  Portrait concert of her works in Zagreb Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski / invited by association "Glazbene Staze" (2010)



Goethe Institut:



ISCM 2019:


Carinthischer Sommer:

Tiroler Ensemble für neue Musik:




Margareta enjoys visiting exhibition openings, theatre productions and wine tastings, dancing to Balkan music, exploring the world on road trips, laughing to good satire and eating sushi.

She is married to a chef (

Her sister Katarina Ferek-Petrić is a painter (

Katarina Ferek - Petric: Apstrakcija