I repeat myself while under stress (stress trilogy: part I) for Pno (2018)

Product Testing for Cello (2018) 

Broken DJane for harpsichord (2017)

Nucleus for Pno (2017)

Ištaratu for Harpsichord (2016)

Last Smoke for Pno (2015)

biologically certified. ohne zusatzstoffe. nur mensch, sax & looperfor Sopr.sax. & Looper (2011)

Prelude pour les grande yeux for Pno (2007) 



Liederzirkus for Soprano & Piano (2018)

Beastie Poetry for Flute/Piccolo & Piano (2018)

Killing Godot for Cello & Accordion (2017)

Searching for Spaces for Bass flute & Pno (2016)

Mad darkness I  for Traverso flute & Harpsichord (2015)

Ordinary Madness for Baritone Sax & Double Bass (2015)

deuteron...+/- for Vcl & Vib. (2014)

KaraokeYinYang (Eine Ode an die Frauenlaunen) for Renaissance/Barock Recorder & Harpsichord (2013/14)


time is slipping out of my hands  


for Pno 4hand (2011)

Five glasses of wine too much for Sax (Bar./Sopr) & Pno (2010)

Skizzen aus der Natur for Vln & Pno (2006)

Vier Jahreszeiten for Soprano & Pno (2005)

Abschied von einem Engel for Soprano & Pno (2003)



what happens to the hole when the cheese is gone? (stress trilogy:part III) for flute (piccolo, bass flute, alt flute headjoint), viola, harp (2019)

Mad Darkness II for Soprano, Viola da Gamba & Harpsichord (2016)


for Sopr.Sax, Ten. Sax & Pno (2016)

Yoni for Sopr., Vla., Pno. (2010)

Footsteps for vcl, cl, pno (2003)



Climate Burn-Out (stress trilogy: part II) for flute/alto flute, clarinet, cello & piano (2018)

Fire Walk With(out)me for Paetzold recorder, flute, harp & harpsichord (2017)

Wild Rose for Saxophone Quartet (2017)

A Gun In Your Pocket for Clarinet Quartet (2014)

Melankolija gegen Rakija for Saxophone Quartet (2012)  

Ceci n´est pas une danse for Fl, Cl & Pno 4Hand (2010)

Don´t mess up with Haydn for string quartet (2008)



Spukgedichte for Soprano,  Fl/Bass fl., Cl/Bass cl., Vln, Vcl, Text by Richard Schuberth (2016)

Silentium for 4 Voices (2 Sopr, Alt, Ten) & Trombone (2015) 

Noncerto for Renaissance/Barock Recorder (optional with flute) & String Quartet (2013)

eLeMeNTS (FiRe, AiR, eARTh, WaTeR) for piano quintet (2009)

relativity...of sound...of time...of illusions for Fl,Cl, 2 Gitt. & Pno (2009) 



Neun Echos  for Sopr., traverso flute, baroque oboe,  baroque bassoon, baroque vln, Violone/G & Organ (2018)

All the world´ s a stage for Fl, Ob, Cl, BCl, Ten.Sax., Bsn, Hn, Trpt, Tromb, Tuba, 2 Timp, Perc, Pno, Harp, Strings (1,1,1,1,1) (2017)

dieMacht for Fl, Ob, Cl, BCl, Bsn, Hn, Trpt, Tromb, 2 Timp, Perc, Pno, Strings (1,1,1,1,1) (2015)

ArschwackelnSong for Fl, Cl, Vln, Vcl, Bass, Pno, Drum Set (2015) 

Wiener Schnitzel Uncensored for Fl, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vcl, Pno (2014)

In der Klangkolonie for Wind Sextett & 3 Timpani, inspired by F. Kafka (2008) 

An den Ethos for 2 Singers and Ensemble, Text by Otto Jekel (2007)



Noisy Ballet  for alto sax & orchestra

Dancefloor Destruction for youth orchestra (2016) 

Take 7  for orchestra (2011/12)

JazzKanacke for Bigband (2007)

Vier Jahreszeiten 4 Japanese Haikus for Soprano & Orchestra (2006) 



Verbales Triptychon  for male vocal a cappella ensemble (2018) spirituellem Wissen 12-part mixed choir a capella (2008) 

Ave Maria 4-part mixed choir a capella (2002) 



"Das Schloss" - nach Franz Kafka - TheaterArche Production, adapted & directed by Jakub Kavin (2017)

"Die Irren" by Ibrahim Amir, for Choir & Percussion (2012)


Performance & Exibition

''art is: new art'' in Schönberg Center 

AdaptedMutated for Soprano & Baritone (2013)

Katarina Ferek - Petric: Apstrakcija